Fun Outdoor Food
We are BackPackers Dining Room

We love delicious food, and who doesn't after a long day's hike? Let us show you how we prepare our meals in the back country. We shoot recipes, preperations, tips, and tricks fo your enjoyment. Watch us have fun, stumble, and make fools of ourselves so you don't have to!
Welcome to BPDR
We like to hike, camp, and explore. But even the most adventurous person needs a little grub every so often. That's where we come it - We like to cook, and we want to share with you some videos of our recipes, preperations, tips, and tricks.
BPDR started with a fun and silly idea: who the hell likes to eat oatmeal and hotdogs? We can come up with something better... and why not make a thing of it?

Thus, BPDR was born. From Jared's backyard and an iPhone to shooting at Sonora Pass with 3 cameras, 3 stoves, and a bunch of snow, we've come a little ways and had a blast doing it. But we do it just as much for us as for y'all out there. Every take is a learning experience, one that we hope we can pass your way. So study up, write down the instructions for a Feisty Fajita Bowl, and get cooking!