Fun Outdoor Food

Who are we?

The brains, writing talent, and primary cameraman at BPDR
Jared has been hiking and camping for as long as he can remember. From day hikes to week long camping; he's been around the bush a few times. Jared is the brains behind the delicious meals we make at BPDR, and always has at least a half dozen meal plans kicking around at any given time. Jared is also our executive producer and melds together our multiple takes into the videos we put out.
Having fun, learning, and drinking most of the beer
Been camping for as long as he can remember, but only backpacking for a little bit, Chad brings decades of camping experience to into the fold. From a young age, he's been to Yosemite, Lakes Hogan, Camanche, Rollins, PIPI Valley, and everywhere in between. Primarily a car camper, he plays the relateable novice to the world of back country pack-in-pack-out meal prep.
Special Guests
Dave & Harrison

Our occasional co-star, close friend, and neighbor. Stephen enjoys having a good time, and enjoying our delicious meals.

A close friend of Jared's, and a good friend of the show. Pat is around to have fun with us, and offer some good insight and witty commentary.
The resident pups at BPDR. These are our two boys. They like adventuring and eating our meals almost as much as we do.